Lighting is a simple and often inexpensive way to enhance the energy in any space or landscape. In Michigan, especially in the winter, sunlight is often scarce. A day of sunshine after a series of dreary, cloudy days is all it takes to uplift everything. Dark rooms come to life with streams of sunshine flowing through windows and moods are noticeably elevated … especially mine!
Lighting also provides many other ways to enhance and elevate the quality of ch’i in your home or place of business.

To enhance comfort, choose reading lamps that properly align at eye level while seated. Be sure to use good quality task lights at your desk near all work surfaces. Kitchens especially require special lighting. In addition to overhead lights, be sure all kitchen work areas are emphasized with spot or accent lighting. Employ creative ways to highlight stoves, sinks, and work surfaces.

To enhance outdoor safety, consider lighting paths, walkways, and steps that work with timers. In addition to reducing accidents, landscape and outdoor lighting can add a feeling of welcome and warmth to your home or business (it’s good advertising too!). Use timers on select lamps to avoid entering a dark home making it safer and more inviting upon your entrance.

For better health, minimize or eliminate long hours under florescent lighting. Because florescent lights flicker and hum, they can tax your body’s nervous system causing eyestrain and fatigue. Also, consider using full spectrum bulbs as they better mimic natural sunlight, which is healthier than traditional bulbs. Also, color and skin tones look better when using full spectrum lighting.

For ambience, nothing beats the soft glow of candles or the beautiful patterns of objects lit from below. I love to put canister lights under plants in the corners of rooms. This not only perks up stagnate energy that ‘collects’ in corners, but also casts interesting shadows on walls and ceilings. And don’t forget the power of a dimmer switch to create a soft, special mood in any room.

I encourage you to take an inventory of the lighting in your home or office. Make sure it is comfortable for your eyes, suits the task at hand, encourages an atmosphere of safety, promotes health and well being, and sets the stage for beautiful ambience. The ch’i of your home and your body will thank you for it!

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