Ain’t nothing like ?the real thing…

Living things add vitality and a vibrancy that is difficult to duplicate with substitutes. Generally, the further one moves away from the original of something, the lower it vibrates. For example, a live plant is exponentially more vibrant than it’s silk counterpart. A hand-made craft is much more interesting than a machine made craft. Organic cheddar cheese is more nutritious than processed orange cheese. Fresh food is healthier than canned or frozen.

Here are a few ways to enhance chi in your office, home and body:

  • Replace silk and dried flowers with live plants. There are several varieties that need very little care.
  • Use natural materials in remodeling and new construction projects. For example include natural stone, wood, and natural fibers like wool, silk, cotton, linen and hemp.
  • Replace current light with full-spectrum substitutes. Full-spectrum lighting emits a more natural looking light.
  • Substitute beeswax candles for paraffin.
  • Clean your space with natural, healthier choices like white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil. As a bonus, you’ll save money.
  • Add natural scents to your home with pure essential oils.
  • Stock your kitchen with fresh, free-range and organic foods.
  • Regularly take in a live performance of music, stage and comedy.
  • Open windows regularly.

Consider the numerous ways you can invite “living” chi into your space and benefit from its life enhancing qualities.

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