If your response to specific color is positive and you love surrounding yourself in that color, then it will be a ch’i enhancer for you.

Color is very personal and individual response to the same color varies greatly.
Select different color swatches and imagine living with those choices, Notice how your body feels, sense whether you relax or tense up, sense if you feel inspired or stuck, and so on.When choosing color for a specific room, consider the activities that will take place in that space. Will the room be quiet and relaxing or will it be active and busy? For example, choose a warm “quiet” color for a bedroom (especially children’s rooms) and an active, bright color for a busy home office or play room. Try experimenting with opposites. For example, if you are a “bright”, active yang person then select muted, quiet yin colors.

Another approach to picking colors for interior spaces is to use nature as a guide.
Look around your landscape, in a park, or on a hiking trail and notice which colors you are drawn to. Are you drawn to abundant shades of greens found in landscapes and parks or the calming blues that you see in the sky or water? Do you prefer the more grounding colors of earth found in soil and sand? Do you lean towards the fiery shades in autumn or in sunrises? Bring nature into interior spaces with the use of representative color is an excellent option.

Finally, decide when it’s time to change the color around you.
Perhaps you wish to be more active in your life. You may have used quiet, muted colors in the past but now it’s time to introduce bright, active colors. Or perhaps you are personally expanding in some way. In this example, using a color that stretches you a bit may be appropriate. Whatever the reason for choosing color, be brave and go for it. And remember, if you love it, it is a ch’i enhancer for you!

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