Joy and Cherry Pie

Recently, I’ve claimed joy & laughing as my way to cultivate healthy inner feng shui. I also dig high-quality tasty foods made with love. I enjoy cooking and sometimes baking, so that’s pretty easy for me to do. Yesterday I felt inspired to make a cherry pie. Cherry pie takes me back to my childhood, reminding me of the freedom of summer break and the opportunity to just play. My Mom used to pick the cherries from our backyard tree and make pies.  If we had a bumper crop, we’d just sit on the front porch with a big bowl of tart cherries (sprinkled with sugar) and eat away. Ahhh…the simple pleasures of life = good inner feng shui.

Tart Cherry Pie

1 bag of Montmorency Frozen Tart Cherries (a MI orchard)

3/4 C of organic Trader Joes sugar (the recipe calls for a cup, I like it more tart)

3 T of Minute tapioca

1 frozen Trader Joe’s pie crust (contains no hydrogenated oils)

Thaw cherries in a strainer (I drink the left over juice). Add sugar & tapioca & let sit for 15 minutes. Drape pie crust over 9 ” pie plate, add cherries, cover with top crust, pinch edges & make slit in the top for steam to escape. Place on a large cookie sheet to catch drips, use tented foil for the crust edges (so they don’t burn) and bake in a 425 degree oven for about 45 minutes.

As a side note, we moved to a home that already had a resident cherry tree. (How cool is that?!) Sometimes  I can actually make a fresh cherry pie as long as I get to the ripe fruit before the birds & squirrels!

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  1. Pat Williams 29/08/2010 10:14 am Reply

    I’m beginning to think you really need to invite me to dinner. 😉

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