Feng Shui Services: Onsite or Long Distance

Feng Shui is a process of using color, natural elements, placement of furnishings and objects with deliberation and intention. The results are environments that are highly functioning, beautiful, and life enhancing. Instinctive Feng Shui is a fluid and flexible approach in the process of creating environments that are alive and vibrant and make a noticeable difference in your home or work environment.

Feng Shui consultations can be done on site and remotely anywhere in the US.

  • Space Planning: Producing optimal flow of chi and use of space for enhanced living utilization. Ideal during new construction, remodeling, and when increased levels of functionality are desired in existing spaces.
  • Paint & Accessory Color Selection: Invigorating and integrating space with color to enhance health & well-being. Perfect when a simple and inexpensive boost is required to increase vitality and make significant change.
  • Elemental Assessment: Balancing the elements of nature in interior environments to deepen connection to earth and harmonize chi for better living.
  • Life Balance Assessment: Suggestions for creating the life you deserve in your space.
  • Land Assessments: Providing chi evaluations for new construction sites, impact analysis for renovation projects, and existing property assessment reports.
  • Chi Flow Impact Studies: Diagnosing chi flow and recommending changes to bring energy flows in optimal balance. Great for homes in reducing stress and businesses to increase customer traffic.
  • Feng Shui Redesign: creating a fresh, new space using what you already own.
  • Clutter Management and Organizing: Without addressing clutter, space will not have vibrant chi.
  • Prepping home for resale: Suggestions for improving your success of selling your home quickly.
  • Space Clearing Ceremonies: Clearing out old, unbalanced and stagnant subtle energies that accumulate in space over time.



Sanctuary is a gift to yourself. If you identify a certain space in your home as a sanctuary, you are investing in your soul.

— Christopher Forrest McDowell