Feng Shui Tips for Light Bulbs



I cannot stand the HE (high efficiency) lighting available. What is the best lighting for a home? What do you use? Thank you in advance! 


I use and recommend full spectrum incandescent light bulbs (like Verilux, Chromalux) for the lamps and fixtures where I spend the most time. For example, reading lights, lights over the kitchen sink, in closets, and bathrooms. For everything thing else, I use LED bulbs. I don’t use CFL bulbs because I do not like the light produced and I don’t want the hassle of hazardous recycling required when they burn out. (They contain mercury.)


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2 responses to "Feng Shui Tips for Light Bulbs"
  1. Barbara David 05/11/2014 14:02 pm

    New CFL bulbs are fluorescents. NOT good for anyone with light sensitivity, Irlen Syndrome.

    • Catherine 05/11/2014 14:14 pm

      Yes, Barb. Thanks for your addition to this conversation. I included your link in my newsletter that will be published on
      Friday. Thanks for sharing!

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