When is a good time to schedule an appointment?
Whenever you are redecorating, remodeling, selling a home or business or purchasing a home or business is a good time for a consultation. In addition a good time for a consultation is if you feel drained, stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated in your living and working environments or when your health needs a boost. Also, when you need assistance organizing and purging your space and when you need assistance with interior decorating choices.

How does Inner Feng Shui Life Coaching fit in with Feng Shui and Space Clearing?
My approach in working with clients is to assist permanent changes on a personal and environmental level. Life coaching assists individuals in cultivating their personal chi and Feng Shui assists individuals in their home and work environments. Working at both levels creates a synergy that speeds up the process of creating long lasting results.

When is a good time to schedule a Space Purification Ceremony?
Anytime you wish to initiate change, celebrate a new event, enhance ch’i or life force energy that is stagnant or to enhance ch’i due to illness or death. It is also ideal to do a Space Clearing Ceremony when selling and purchasing a home or business.

How often do I need a consultation?
Space Clearing Ceremonies are best when done once a year. The changes made due to an initial Feng Shui consultation can be very long-lasting. Feng Shui “tune-up” consultations are ideal to keep the positive energy flowing.

What kind of Feng Shui do you practice?
I practice a blend of Interior Alignment ™ and Essential Feng Shui ®. I use the Five Element Model, intuition, color, items you already own and a practical, common-sense approach when suggesting changes to your environment. Please note I no longer use the bagua in my work with clients.

How long does a consultation last?
Most consultations last two to three hours. This covers an average-size space and is based on an overall approach. From there, consultations vary in length depending on the desires of my clients. For example, a deeper-level consultation can focus on a specific room, a specific intention, on your landscape or any combination that makes sense.

Do I have to use specific types of enhancements or décor styles?
No, the more personal and meaningful the enhancements are to you, the better.