Cultivating Inner Feng Shui

One of the best ways to create flow is when your inner feng shui (self) and outer feng shui (space) are harmonious. The goal being who we are on the inside is what is represented in our physical spaces.

Another approach to inner feng shui, is exploring the feng shui spokes of the wheel of life: family, abundance, fame, relationships, creativity, helpful people, career/life path, and knowledge all grounded in health. At different times in our lives, some spokes need more attention than others. Consider these questions offered below:

Family:Are there unresolved family issues?How do you cultivate feeling supported in life?What does your “tribe” look like? What gives you strength?

Abundance: Do you live from perspective of prosperity or poverty? Do you find yourself focusing on lack? (lack of time, lack of money, lack of joy, ….) How do you express gratitude?

Fame: How are you projecting yourself in the outer world? How are you “delivering” your gifts to others? Is there a discrepancy between how you wish to be perceived and how you actually are perceived? What does it mean to live in integrity?

Relationships: Are your relationships with others harmonious and nurturing? If not, why not and what are you doing about it? Are you receptive and open?

Creativity: How do you express your creative side? (And don’t say you don’t have one!!) What innate gifts do you share in the world? How do you cultivate joy?

Helpful People: Have you developed a network of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental mentors that assist you in life? Do you pay attention to synchronicity?

Career/Life Path: Are you living the life you were born to live? If not, have you focused on a plan to get there? How are you courageous?

Knowledge: What do you do to learn, grow and become wise? Do you know yourself, what you need, and your values?

Health: What do you do to take good care of your mind, body and spirit? What do you do to center and ground?

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4 responses to "Cultivating Inner Feng Shui"
  1. liv kellgren 18/11/2008 17:43 pm Reply

    love this site, catherine! we’re going to blog about you!

  2. catherinehilker 19/11/2008 08:02 am Reply

    Thanks Liv…good to hear from you. I’m adding the WSFS blog to my blog roll…good to know you have one!

  3. Sarah Gothro 19/11/2008 21:32 pm Reply

    I love my monthly inspiration from your site, it always gets me thinking positively!

  4. catherinehilker 19/11/2008 22:50 pm Reply

    Thanks Sarah for stopping by!

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