Cultivating Bliss

Awareness is Bliss!

Awareness is Bliss!

Lately, I’m finding myself experiencing moments of bliss. I don’t have a formula for it, it just seems to happen. That doesn’t mean all the “hard” work I’ve done on evolving, growing, stretching, and changing hasn’t contributed….of course it has. It does mean that some of my choices (like avoiding the media, news, books, movies and other things negative) provides a foundation for bliss to happen. I’m way too sensitive to be plugged into marketed doses of negativity.

I find that small, occasional doses of bliss go a really long way. Those moments can provide flow for hours, sometimes longer. On the other hand, moments of marketed negativity (like media and news) can sink me into the sewer hole for days!

I’ve come to experience bliss just happens. I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts …

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