Clear Quartz As A Feng Shui Resource


When using Feng Shui techniques, the most important component is being very clear about your intentions. When you know what you want, you’ll understand what you need to do. In some cases, it will be appropriate to use one or more of the five elements or it will be necessary to address clutter. Other times, it will be appropriate to incorporate a physical object to symbolize your goals.

My favorite way to anchor my intentions with a physical object is using clear quartz crystals. Clear quartz amplifies electromagnetic waves and our thoughts are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum.


If using clear quartz to amplify your intentions, be sure to:

  • Clear crystals quartz regularly. This can be done by leaving them out in the sun, placing them in a dry salt “bath” or various other methods.


  • Program the crystals with your intentions. Do this by holding a clear quartz in your hands and infusing it with your thoughts.

That’s it! Simple, no?


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