Feng Shui Tips for Light Bulbs

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Feng Shui Tips for Light Bulbs

  Question: I cannot stand the HE (high efficiency) lighting available. What is the best lighting for a home? What do you use? Thank you in advance!  Answer: I use and recommend full spectrum incandescent light bulbs (like Verilux, Chromalux) for the lamps and fixtures where I spend the most time. For example, reading lights, lights over […]


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Southern Facing Homes

Question: I once heard that a house with an entrance from the south or facing south will always have “bad juju”….what can one do to counter act that bad juju, besides creating a different entrance to the house? Answer: In my 12+ years of doing Feng Shui consultations, I’ve learned to shy away from making […]


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Addressing a Master Bedroom with Two Entrance Doors

Question:  Because we have a small bedroom and the there are two doors in our bedroom, it feels like it’s grand central station.  So, we have positioned our bed against one of the walls that has a door and the bed is backed up against it.  We are trying to come up with ways to […]


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Feng Shui Tips for a New Job

Question: What is the best thing to do when you’re starting a new job? Answer: Starting a new job can be both exciting and stressful. A new job requires mental clarity (metal), stability (earth), courage (water), growth (wood) and recognition (fire). I suggest you carve out a small space on your desk that represents each […]


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Using Mirrors in Bedrooms

Question: Is it OK to hang a mirror in the bedroom? Especially a guest room?  I think it’s helpful for in room use for make-up or hair drying. Answer: The first thing I say to my clients is if it’s not broke, don’t fix it! If you are sleeping well, then the yang nature of a […]


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Tips For Placing A Bed In Front Of A Window

Question: Due to the entrance, closet, and bathroom doors, the best placement for the bed is in front of the window. Help! Answer: Yes due to specific circumstances, the best placement for the bed can be in front of windows. This particular placement does need some tweaks to address the potential personal chi being drained […]


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