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Feng Shui Tips for Welcoming

April 29th, 2013

Your front entrance is the mouth of chi and sets the stage for the entire space. Make this area especially attractive for you and your guests.

* Add a doormat with an inviting word or image.
* Be sure the front door opens freely and is in good working order.
* Make your address easy to read from the street.
* Use lighting that illuminates walkways, stairs and steps.
* Use pleasing sounds as greeters like wind chimes and fountains.
* Make sure you have a doorbell in good working order.
* Space permitting; add a small table to set things down when entering.
* Once inside, greet yourself and guests with a fabulous piece of art.
* Regularly display fresh flowers.
* Do a nose check for unpleasant smells and adjust appropriately.

Does your e


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Feng Shui Tips: Selling Your Home

April 25th, 2013

Follow these feng shui guidelines to make your space sparkle and sell quickly


  • Address stagnant chi. To get chi  moving, clean thoroughly and purge things you haven’t used in a long time. Also, clean the windows and address negative views.
  • Make your front entrance sing. Use an eye catching color on the front door, make sure the address is clearly visible, add an inviting welcome mat, repair broken steps, trim landscaping paths.
  • Use color to direct the eye and accent key features, like a fireplace.
  • Make sure all doors open completely and aisles are clear with 36 inches being ideal.
  • Have a friend do a smell check.
  • Add plants in your space. Especially replace silk ones with the real thing.
  • Being the heart of the home, kitchens must be sparkling, organized, and attractive.
  • Enhance with strategically placed mirrors.
  • Place beds in the command position.
  • Perform a gratitude ceremony for your home and let it go to it’s new buyers.


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A Powerful 15 Minute Meditation

April 10th, 2013

Try this simple practice to bring vitality to your physical body. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, begin focusing only on your breath and relax. Do this for a few moments or until you are centered. Bring a smile to your face and focus on the following:

Heart: to dissolve impatience

Lungs: to soften griefHuman Organs

Liver: to melt anger

Stomach: to reduce anxiety

Pancreas: to allow more joy

Spleen: to aid in letting go

Kidneys: to reduce fear


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Feng Shui Ways to Add Vitality

March 01st, 2013

Vitality Infographic


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10 Things That Make Insomnia Worse

February 28th, 2013


Traditional Bedroom design by San Francisco General Contractor Camber Construction

From a feng shui perspective, here are some reasons that can make insomnia worse:

  1. Televisions – TVs are yang and fiery which is the exact opposite of the vibe for generating restful sleep and rejuvenation.
  2. Electronics – Not only can electronics be stimulating, they generate large electromagnetic fields. Until we know the impact electronic fields have on human health, keep these away from the bed. At the very least, turn everything completely off.
  3. Mirrors – Mirrors are active and bring yang energy to a space. In addition, mirrors amplify chi.
  4. The color red – In large doses, the color red can be very enlivening making sleep difficult.
  5. Heavy objects hung on the wall over the headboard. If something looks dangerous, subconsciously our bodies stay on alert.
  6. Uncomfortable pillows and mattresses. This is not only “bad” feng shui, it is imperative that backs, necks, etc. are supported properly.
  7. Lighting – As another form of the fire element, leaving lights on, light streaming in from the outside, and blue light from electronic devices all impact our body’s natural rhythms.
  8. Chandeliers, ceiling fans and beams over the bed. This is similar to #5 and chi is usually too yang from these objects.
  9. Exercise equipment – who needs a reminder to work out when trying to sleep?
  10. Office Equipment – who needs a reminder there’s work to do when  trying to sleep?




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Feng Shui Element of Water

January 14th, 2013


  Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it. –Lao Tzu


Water  release, renewal, flow

The element of water is represented the colors of blacks (still water), indigo (moving water), and dark colors. Water is actual water features and any depiction of water in pictures and art, glass, man-made crystal and mirrors. Water is represented by free flowing and asymmetrical shapes as well as the direction of west and the season of winter.

Chi qualities:  mystical, introspective, original, philosophical, reflective

Too much:  inconsistent, passive, overwhelmed with emotion, stagnation (too much still water), chaos (too much moving water)

Too little: Loses self in others, detached, shallow, withdrawn, inflexible


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Productive Work Spaces

December 12th, 2012

I love my office! As a solopreneur, it’s important I do because it’s where the magic happens. (If I may steal a phrase from MTV’s show Cribs!) There are several reasons this is so. Here are a  few:

  • My office chair is super comfortable.
  • My office walls are purple, one of my favorite colors!
  • I have a prominently displayed picture of myself when I was 7 years old that makes me smile.
  • There’s handmade art (by moi!) on the walls.
  • My screen saver on my laptop is the Dahlia Lama. He inspires me to work on compassion and patience.
  • The space is compact yet laid out very well.
  • I have a hand made fountain that my cat uses as a drinking bowl. That cracks me up!
  • The lighting is excellent.
  • My office contains only my favorite books.
  • It’s organized.
  • I’ve designated a “come to me $$$” power spot in the room.
  • There’s a lovely altar that contains my word for the day and intentions for myself.

As the only person responsible for generating income for my business, my office must be stellar. Is your office stellar and a place you love?


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Energize Your Space with a Purification Ceremony

November 09th, 2012

Space clearing, as this process is called, is derived from time-honored traditions to cleanse, purify, and harmonize your home’s energy.  When you take the time to perform these ancient rituals, you enhance your home’s vitality.  As this service is one of my specialties, I perform these techniques on a regular basis in my own home.  The results my husband and I have experienced have been noticeable and tangible.  Visitors often comment how good our home feels to them, we have noticed an increase in our health and well-being, and I personally sleep better.

Clearing out the ‘old’ and invoking your intentions is a great way to boost the effectiveness of manifesting your desires. There are four basic steps when performing a cleansing.  They are preparation, purification, invocation and preservation.


The preparation step is the most time consuming but is well worth the effort.  It is important that you prepare your home with a thorough cleaning.  Ideally, purging unused items will be beneficial as you symbolically ‘open up’ space for the new to enter your life.  The next step is to plan the process.  Decide if you will use Sacred Space Sprays*, white sage, salt, musical instruments, clapping, etc., as your space clearing tools.  Determine your intended outcome in advance, which is a very important step.  What are your intentions for yourself and your family?  What kind of vibe do desire in your home?  What goals do you wish to accomplish?

Once you have cleaned and purged your home and planned your ceremony, you are ready to prepare yourself and your tools.  Treat this event as the special occasion it is.  Start with a cleansing process of yourself, wear special clothes, spend time in meditation and prayer and connect with your spiritual or religious beliefs.  Do the same thing with your tools.  Cleanse them and imagine a heartfelt connection to them.

Gather specials objects and mementos, beautiful altar cloths, your tools and anything else for your space clearing.  Locate the ideal place to set up a blessing altar and arrange your belongings in a meaningful way.


Now you are ready to begin the cleansing ritual.  Start at your blessing ‘altar,’ state aloud your prayers and intentions, ask for spiritual guidance and protection, and begin with your designated space clearing tool.  You may wish to start at your front door and move in a clockwise direction, following the perimeter of each room.  While doing so, imagine the tool you are using breaking up and clearing out all the old, stagnate energy.  Ask your spiritual helpers to for assistance in removing the old energy.


Once you have cleared each room return to your blessing altar, clear yourself and household members and begin to ‘release’ your intentions into the entire dwelling.  Again, ask for your spiritual helpers to assist you in this process.  State aloud your prayers and intentions and use visualization techniques to ‘see’ the new energy flowing throughout your entire home.  Do this process with reverence and respect.  Offer gratitude and appreciation for any assistance you received.


After you have completed each step, it is important to preserve the new energy.  Set up a small altar with fresh flowers, candles and meaningful objects.  Spend a few quiet minutes each day at your altar and continue visualizing all your intentions in as much detail as possible.  In order to show appreciation for all that you have asked for, do something unexpected or charitable to others for several days.  To close, each household member including yourself should bathe shortly afterward and spend the rest of the day in a special way.

After you have performed your ceremony, notice how beautiful and sparkling your space looks and feels.  Take notice of the synchronicities and events that take place in your life. Repeat this process as often as necessary.  I personally, space clear every couple of months to stay on track with our goals and to refresh the energy in our home.  I guarantee you will notice a wonderful difference.  Enjoy!


For more detailed information about each step check out this link.  *Sacred Space Sprays White sage bundles and incense

Recommended Reading:  Space Clearing by Denise Linn


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What’s Draining Your Vital Energy?

October 23rd, 2012


In Feng Shui, it’s not enough to take care of just your physical self.  Your physical space, like your body, also needs regular cleaning, maintenance and attention so you can be your absolute best!  Your physical environment not only provides a safe haven, it’s also your sanctuary to nourish and rejuvenate. It will be difficult to have vibrant personal chi, if your physical space isn’t a harmonious match.

There are many reasons your space can undermine your efforts to take good care of yourself. Below are common reasons that deplete personal chi for its occupants.

  • Clutter will reduce the vibrancy of your space like nobody’s business. Clutter can hide in drawers, closets, cupboards, basements and garages. Even though you don’t see clutter, it still creates stagnant energy.
  • Water leaks not only waste money and can potentially be very destructive; they drain away your physical resources. It is important that all leaks are addressed promptly.
  • Things that are broken need attention; ignoring their “cries” for help will drain vital chi. Choose to fix the broken item or recycle it.
  • Backyards that slope away from the front yard may translate back into your life as the experience of swimming upstream. It’s difficult to hold on to good fortune when the back yard pulls chi away from the front of the home. Redirect chi with lights and strategic landscape designs as well as plant materials.
  • Living on a busy road can be challenging when trying to nourish and nurture your physical chi. Use landscape materials to absorb this aggressive chi by redirecting it with wind chimes.
  • Living at the end of a busy T-junction means the front of your home (or business) is bombarded by chi from vehicles. Soften chi with split rail fencing, evergreens that allow chi to flow to the front entrance, and wind chimes to redirect the energy that hits the front of the home.

If you spend the time to take good care of yourself, doesn’t it make sense to do the same for your space?




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Tapping Into Your Creative Genius With Feng Shui

October 04th, 2012




Expressing your creativity is one way to add vibrant chi in your space.  Creative expression takes on many forms whether it’s writing, problem solving, cooking, building or fixing something, decorating, and doing art projects.  Here are some tips to get your creative juices flowing:


  • Add the element of metal. Metal is associated with birthing anything new, is related to all things associated with the mind, and is expressed as the quality of joy.
  • Make space for your creative expression.  Ensure your desk, drafting table, or work surface has plenty of room for your creative project.
  • Purge the old. While you’re waiting for the new to arrive, getting rid of the old helps set the stage for what is to come. This may include purging pictures of an old lover or donating clothes from an old job.
  • Add a piece of creative inspiration to your work surface. Nothing gets those creative juices flowing better than looking at something that makes your heart sing.
  • Generate literal room for the new. Empty a file drawer, a cupboard, or make space in a closet. This action broadcasts your intention of welcoming the new into your life.
  • Add elements from nature. Images of water, actual rocks, plants, and natural light are all good choices.
  • Spritz your space with your favorite scents. Add a few drops of essential oils in a spray bottle filled with filtered water.
  • Incorporate a physical representation of your goals. Make a manifestation collage or snap a picture of what you want to own. In addition, prominently display an affirmation stated in the present tense.



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