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The Importance of Removing Physical Blocks in Your Space

November 19th, 2020

In my work (and in my own life), I often find a direct correlation between what’s going on in a person’s life and it’s physical representation in the home. For example, I consulted with a successful business woman who had all the exterior symbols of success. She had a lovely home, beautiful furnishings and an orderly overall appearance. Her walk-in closet was another story which prompted a conversation between us. She admitted that on the outside she appeared calm and together, yet inside herself she often felt chaotic. Her home reflected this statement. Everything that was open for public viewing was orderly and together, however, her private closet that no one saw but her, was in chaos.

There are many translations between how we experience life and how those experiences show up in our homes and businesses. Blocked energy in your space may be experienced in life as going against the current, going around in circles, inability to make desired changes, and feeling weighted down. Because our homes are physical representations of ourselves, if we are feeling stuck or blocked, their physical expression may look like the following bullet points.

* Doors and drawers that don’t open completely, are in need of repair, or are not used.
* Hallways, walkways, and doorways that are congested with objects, furnishings, and clutter.
* Overgrown bushes, trees and vegetation.
* Garages, basements and attics filled with unused items.
* Passageways narrowed with furniture.
* Closets and cupboards filled to capacity.
* Oversized furniture in small spaces.
* Clothes, shoes, accessories that are not worn.
* An over abundance of toys, electronics, televisions, books, collections, etc.
* Anything broken or in need of repair.

The approaching season of winter (yikes, it will be here before we know it!), is an ideal time to address any issues of stuck energy in the home. The season of winter is quieter than others and is naturally aligned with looking inward. Winter also gets us ready for spring, the time of year that bursts forth with new growth and change.

In getting started, chose the area that is the “loudest”. In other words, the project or task that has been the most nagging. By addressing the most annoying task first, it often provides the support to continue tackling the rest of the project. When addressing any project, it helps to solicit the support of friends and family to stay committed. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Have reasonable expectations in setting time lines to meet your goals. The best way to make permanent change is to be consistent, persistent, dedicated and loving. Your body will thank you and so will your home!


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It is Alive!

February 05th, 2019

“Science is saying that everything that vibrates possesses intelligence & everything vibrates. And there’s a central intelligence that everything vibrates to.” – Lynne McTaggert, from her book, “The Field”

One of the three tenets of Feng Shui, everything is alive, is being illuminated by Marie Kondo’s books and Netflix series called “Tidying Up.” At first, without knowing much about Marie, I wondered if she was on the OCD spectrum due to what appeared to be her extreme neatness. I had briefly seen her on shows like Ellen where the focus of her work was how she folded clothes. As a guest on talk shows, one only has a few minutes to demonstrate their work and unfortunately, this gave me an incomplete impression of Marie. It wasn’t until I watched her Netflix series that I saw her working on a much deeper level.

For those of you who’ve seen her show, you’ll know she works with a very diverse client base. That impressed me! Before she starts working with a client, she gets down on the floor and connects with the space in “prayer.” Next, she’ll gently point out how much stuff we all have by having her clients pile all their clothes on a bed. That is eye opening! The newer American homes have so much potential for storage, we lose site of how much we really have. Then comes the sorting process of what to keep. She asks her clients to thank each piece of clothing that will not stay. The clothes that are staying are then stored or folded very neatly.

Her approach isn’t necessarily about getting rid of stuff. It’s about honoring what we have and treating what we have with respect. In other words, she is teaching us to appreciate the aliveness of everything, even inanimate objects like clothes and our personal possessions.

So, the next time you throw something on the floor, cram something into a drawer, never use something, or stuff things into cupboards, consider this: It is Alive!!!



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Inner Feng Shui

January 12th, 2019


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The Words You Speak…

October 31st, 2018


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Quicks Tips to Boost Vitality in Your Space

October 04th, 2018

Autumn is a great time to tweak your space.

As energy moves from the yang chi of summer to the yin chi of winter, now is a good time to pay attention to your space and make some simple changes. Ideally doing so before the arrival of the busy holiday season. Here are some ways to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Purge expired items from your pantry and kitchen cupboards
  • Donate those coats and jackets you no longer wear
  • Clean the dust bunnies from your dryer vent, under the fridge and stove
  • Delete old files from your hard drive and email accounts
  • Vacuum under the beds
  • Light a lovely scented candle. Here’s a favorite of mine:
  • Diffuse your favorite essential oil. Or make your own spray:
  • Tackle that nagging problem.

Feel free to share your experience enhancing your space!


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The Zen of Simplicity

November 01st, 2017

“A simple life is its own reward” — George Santayana

The opposite of simplicity is complexity and a complex life is prone to too many responsibilities that create stress, anxiety and pressure. Our culture is rampant with complexities: too many choices, too much to do, too many commitments, too little time, too little resources, too many resources, too little space, too much space., etc. Add to that, our culture of consumption that is tempting us to accumulate, keep up with the Jones’s, and feeding the illusion that stuff creates happiness. A complex life takes a lot of energy to support:

financial: “stuff” is expensive
physical: maintaining, storing
mental: tracking, thinking about, worrying
emotional: anxiety, stress

Consider ways to simplify your life. In your space:

Reduce visual images: give the eyes a rest
Pare down clothing: getting dressed is easier
Open up space: easier to clean and move around
Reduce knickknacks: makes dusting easier
Limit new things coming into your space unless something is leaving
Everything has a designated space
Quality over quantity
Generally, use everything and every room you have. If you don’t use it, lose it.

Consider ways to simplify your life:

Don’t over schedule
Say no graciously
Don’t commit from a place of obligation, instead commit from the heart
Cultivate a stillness practice that focuses on the breath
Incorporate mindfulness while doing mundane tasks
Do one thing at a time (No texting & driving!!!)

Not only does simplifying our lives reduce stress, the benefits of a simple life enhances chi in our spaces and in our bodies. Healthy chi = healthy spaces, bodies and minds!



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Make Your Own Clearing Spray

September 05th, 2017

Here’s my personal favorite recipe for making my own clearing spray for my home using high quality essential oils.

In a 4 oz spray bottle add:

purified water

15 drops of Frankincense

15 drops of Peppermint

10 drops of Spruce

10 drops of Lavender

And if you want to get super fancy, add your favorite flower essences to the spray for support in addressing any emotional issues.

Shake vigorously and spray in your space and around your body!


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Stagnant Vs. Vibrant Energy

August 22nd, 2017

Taking good care of our spaces creates vibrant energy while neglect creates stagnant energy. Stagnant chi not only impacts it’s residents, it also impact the neighbors.


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Feng Shui Tips for Lighting

April 02nd, 2017


Lighting has an important function in feng shui.In addition to providing illumination, lightingprovides comfort, safety, mood, ambiance, and
can influence the chi quality. Poor lighteningdepletes personal chi and great lightening enhances it.

To enhance comfort choose reading lamps that properly align at eye level while seated. Ideally your space is flooded with plenty of natural light and enhanced with task lighting. In kitchens, ensure there’s adequate lighting over the sink, work surfaces, burners, and eating areas.

To enhance safety consider lighting paths, walkways, and steps that work with timers. In addition to reducing accidents, landscape and outdoor lighting can add a feeling of welcome and warmth to your home or business (and it’s good advertising!). Use timers on select lamps to avoid entering a dark

To enhance health minimize or eliminate long hours under florescent lighting. Studies are pointing out the negative effects of extensive use of florescent lights. Consider using full spectrum bulbs as they
mimic natural sunlight and addresses spaces that are sunlight deficient. Also, color and skin tones look
better when using full spectrum lighting.

For ambiance, nothing beats the soft glow of candles or the beautiful patterns of objects lit from below.Experiment with canister lights under plants in the corners of rooms. This not only perks up stagnate energy that ‘collects’ in corners, but also casts interesting shadows on walls and ceilings. And don’t forget the power of a dimmer switch to create a soft, special mood in any room.I encourage you to take an inventory of the lighting in your home or office. Make sure it is comfortable for your eyes, suites the task at hand, encourages an atmosphere of safety, promotes health and well-being, and sets the stage for beautiful ambiance. The chi of your home and your body will thank you for it!


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Feng Shui Elements For Personal Development

January 04th, 2017

Use the element of wood to nourish confidence, personal freedom, drive and strategic planning.

Use the element of fire to nourish enthusiasm, social activities, warmth, passion and charisma.

Use the element of earth to nourish stability, grounding, a sense of belonging, and reliability.

Use the element of metal to nourish efficiency, precision, strengthening boundaries, being disciplined and “protecting” personal space.

Use the element of water to nourish modesty, objectivity, introspection, and ingenuity.

Find my element booklet here: Five Element Booklet



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