Addressing a Master Bedroom with Two Entrance Doors


 Because we have a small bedroom and the there are two doors in our bedroom, it feels like it’s grand central station.  So, we have positioned our bed against one of the walls that has a door and the bed is backed up against it.  We are trying to come up with ways to block the door with curtains and/or painting it the same color as the walls.  Do you have any suggestions for this kind of dilemma?


When a bedroom contains two entrance doors, functionality is limited and two entrances can make the bedroom too active (yang). If the budget allows, I recommend permanently sealing up the door by removing it and repair the opening with plaster/dry wall. For a simpler and more economical solution, make the door visually go away by covering it with drapes. See my drawing below as an example. Cheers to a good night’s sleep!

Master Bedroom Drawing

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